Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose a Mortgage Lender. Francis Home Mortgage believes there are 3 significant values that separate us from our competition.

If you are seeking a Localized, Transparent mortgage financing experience that you can TRUST- then choose Francis Home Mortgage for your mortgage financing needs.


Trust is the cornerstone of Francis Home Mortgage’s offering. As a borrower, you need to TRUST your mortgage lender and believe they have your best interests at heart. We will evaluate the Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term Pros and Cons of obtaining financing and then work with you hand in hand through the home financing process.


In a marketplace where Mortgage Companies avoid clear communication & honesty about loan costs, rates, etc., Francis Home Mortgage has developed a culture of Transparency. This means clear and concise delivery of our loan products at fair rates. We believe that YOU as the homebuyer should have access to relevant information to help you during the home financing process.


Francis Home Mortgage is a LOCAL company. More importantly, we act like a LOCAL company. In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly ‘Big Bank’, Francis Home Mortgage will take a deliberate approach to meeting your needs. This means answering your questions timely and in a concise manner.

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